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Metropolitan Library
of the Hôtel-Dieu in Clermont-Ferrand

Combining wood, steel and glass for elegance and design

Project challenges

As part of its urban project to revitalize the city center, the metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand (63) has launched a project to transform the existing Hôtel-Dieu site into a flagship library, part of a network of 15 libraries and 21 communes. Opening is scheduled for 2026.

A true cultural and historical landmark, the future library represents several major challenges for the city of Clermont-Ferrand:  

  • preserving the architecture of the listed hospital, which is a former hospital  
  • Adapting to the archaeological and geological context by integrating underground cellar networks 
  • Comply with local seismic regulations

Key figures

  • 1 million
    of projected entries
  • 10 000 m²
    total area
  • 200 000
    documents with the collections of the heritage library

The library:
three components

Heritage building: 7 500 m² showcase 

Forum in the main courtyard: new 2 500 m² extension

Size of glass roof: 46 m long by 38 m wide 

Forum height, floor with beam underside: 5.25 m 

Height of café area, under-beam floor: 10.5 m 

Forum glazing height: 5.5 m 

Height of sunshades: 7.25 m 

Reading garden with canopy

Scope of intervention

Eiffage Métal, in partnership with Mathis, is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the framework and mixed wood and steel facades of the library's courtyard forum.
The major challenge faced by the design office teams was to integrate large-scale glazed facades into this structure, which has a flexible structure capable of withstanding the seismic risks of the site.
This led them to design innovative solutions for the clamp fastening system for large-scale glazing (height 5.8 m, width 2.2 m) under ATEX (Appréciation technique d'expérimentation). This has enabled us to certify this non-traditional structure. 
Laboratory tests were carried out to verify the resilience of the facades: air permeability, deformation, wind pressure resistance, impact tests.

Our strengths

Why Eiffage Métal?

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