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Eiffage Métal Academy

Welding, expertise made in Eiffage


A unique opportunity

To support France's reindustrialization policy, industry professionals have identified a strong recruitment need for technical trades such as welders, assemblers and boilermakers. Yet companies in the sector are struggling to recruit this skilled workforce, which is in short supply.

Drawing on its expertise in metallurgy, Eiffage Métal has decided to set up its own training school to remedy this situation. In partnership with the Institut de Soudure and Alemploi, Eiffage Métal is launching the Académie Eiffage Métal at its Lauterbourg plant in 2023, in a workshop of over 100 m² equipped with dedicated workstations.

Professional training

Students have the opportunity to acquire and master the techniques inherent in the trade of industrial welder , thanks to practical case studies carried out directly in the factory alongside seasoned Eiffage Métal journeymen:

  • Deciphering a drawing
  • Trace the parts to be assembled
  • Set up your welding machine
  • Make welds using the appropriate procedure
  • Check part conformity
  • Comply with health and safety conditions related to the process

I'm proud to belong to Eiffage Métal. It gives me the opportunity to take part in the construction of engineering structures as emblematic as they are complex, such as the Millau Viaduct, the Lille stadium, the Bezons bridge and the A1 motorway crossing. From plan reading to workshop fabrication, no two days are alike. All our projects are made-to-measure. The final stage is always moving. You get to see all the pieces of the jigsaw come together, and get a full-scale view of the structure that began in our hands at the factory.

Dominique Loebs Training manager and assembly expert

L’ élément suivant est une vidéo A training school dedicated to the technical trades of welders and assemblers

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