Restore your infrastructure to enhance and preserve your heritage

Given the scarcity of building permits for new constructions and the growing importance of sustainable development policies, the rehabilitation of architectural heritage and existing structures is becoming an unavoidable necessity.

In this context, we position ourselves as a specialized partner builder, offering cutting-edge expertise to support the enhancement and preservation of your heritage.

Whether for the reuse of industrial buildings, the restoration of historic monuments or the rehabilitation of transport infrastructures, we carry out work on occupied sites, with limited interruption of service, thus guaranteeing the continuity of your activities while preserving the integrity of your structures.

Our achievements

  • Renovation: glass roofs, bridges and engineering structures, metal buildings, façades and old metal halls.
  • Conservation deconstruction: classification, careful dismantling.
  • Restructuring: changing the use of a building.
  • Rehabilitation of listed and recognized heritage: reinforcement, identical repairs, riveting, replacement and repair of castings.
  • Reconstruction and safeguarding of all or part of a structure following damage or a strategic decision.

Our business sectors

Our expertise

    • Cost, deadline and quality management
    • Compliance with customer requirements
    • Risk analysis
    • Management and monitoring of partners and suppliers
    • Supply chain tracking and traceability
    • Perfect completion management
    • Complex design and calculations
    • Intervention and assembly methods adapted to each project
    • Modeling and 3D scanning of existing structures
    • Technical specifications
    • Diagnosis of structures and works
    • Production and processing
    • Shaping structural steel parts
    • Site supervision and coordination
    • Compliance with safety, security and environmental regulations
    • Adaptation (parts and methods) to the existing structure
    • Lifting operations
    • Assembly
    • Renovation
    • Conservation deconstruction
    • Restructuring
    • Rehabilitation of listed buildings
    • Reconstruction and preservation

Our strengths