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Multi-disciplinary teams serving industrialists and energy specialists

Eiffage Métal provides turnkey solutions to meet customer needs in handling, lifting, industrial design and conveying. For manufacturing purposes, we can count on our Fos sur Mer and Lauterbourg industrial sites in France, and Eiffage Metal's other European sites in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom.

  • Eiffage Metal is a historic player in the nuclear sector and today supports the construction of the latest generation of power stations. We design and build facilities and specific structures and ensure their maintenance. We also manufacture transport and storage packaging for spent fuel and/or vitrified waste in our Lauterbourg plant.

    • Complex mechanically welded structures and mechanical components: polar cranes, hatches, etc.
    • Sheet metal parts: condensers, heaters, MSR (moisture separator reheaters), tubular exchangers, pressure vessels and reservoirs
    • Pipes and supporting systems
    • Instrumentation and networks
    • Valves and fittings
    • Spare parts
    • Nuclear packaging
  • Eiffage Metal's industrial piping expertise is one of our specialities. Many major industrial customers have chosen us as partners on their new works or facility improvement projects.

    Our assignments are concentrated in the fields of chemicals, sugar refineries, petrochemicals, agri-food, energy, hydrocarbons, aerospace and aeronautics, and on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, duplex steel, and alloy steel networks, in compliance with the CODETI, ASME, NF EN and CODAP standards. Our expertise starts at the design study phase, with calculations, then prefabrication in the workshop, and carries the project through to the onsite installation stage and commissioning tests. Eiffage Métal’s trained, certified, experienced and professionally qualified teams are able to meet all your requests. Our qualifications guarantee success in the technical, safety, environmental and performance aspects of the project. 

    We undertake a large number of "partner” contracts with anchor customers such as GRTgaz, Roquette, BASF, Saint Louis Sucre, Bolloré Energy and Tessenderlo Group.

    Our business also includes a gas flare service. Eiffage Metal is a leader in this field, capable of designing and constructing prototypes on the basis of data input supplied by our customers, including the calculations for sizing the oxydizers, flares with visible or hidden flame and equipment required for our customers' product burning activities.

  • Eiffage Metal has recognized experience in the field of exchangers (condensers, reheaters, dryers, evaporators and coolers) and more generally, pressure vessels. We manufacture all kinds and sizes of tubular heat exchangers for industrial sectors including energy, chemicals, petrochemicals, cryogenics and the pharmaceutical and food industries.

    We control all the processes involved in manufacturing these materials Their installation and maintenance is carried out by our assembly teams.

    We have achieved permanent joining qualification in materials such as titanium, stainless steel, copper-aluminium, carbon steel and chromium steel in our laboratories.

    We specialize in detubing/retubing for exchangers - including condensers, heaters and evaporators - using specific detubing materials (single or multi-tube hydraulic detubers) and in welding tubes to tube-plate joints (32 identical Tig orbital welding machines). Our teams operate to tight deadlines in order to meet customer needs during unit shutdowns.

  • A polar crane is designed for material handling and is located under the reactor building dome. It rests on brackets fixed to the reactor building structure enabling heavy load handling above the reactor, and is subject to stringent, in-depth controls.

    Each new polar crane meets the constantly changing requirements in the field of nuclear risk control and reduction : normative and regulatory constraints (safety of goods and persons, nuclear safety), special customer requirements through their increasingly complex and demanding building codes, and country-specific regulations.

    The polar cranes designed and built by Eiffage Metal are recognized all over the world for their behaviour in extreme conditions (earthquake, strain, pressure, temperature) and their reliability throughout the nuclear power plant's lifecycle.

  • Our activities include a service dedicated to industrial gas flare works. Eiffage Métal is a leader in this field. We design and build prototypes from input data provided by our customers and carry out the calculations needed to dimension the oxidizers, flares with visible or hidden flames and equipment used for burning our customers’ products.

Our Lauterbourg plant in pictures

Our plant has an international reputation for the manufacturing and assembly of steel parts for engineering structures and heavy, high-tech boilermaking. Our teams’ expertise is supported by powerful cutting, bending, robotic welding, heat treatment, machining and painting resources.