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Industrial piping and flares

Piping, industrial flares, thermal oxidizers: expertise for over 30 years

Eiffage Métal designs, manufactures, assembles and maintains industrial flare systems and thermal oxidizers. The company offers flare systems for the onshore/offshore oil & gas, gas storage, petrochemicals, water treatment (biogas), biomass, rail tank degassing, gas combustion units for LNG-powered ships, and mobile flares and thermal oxidizers sectors.

Eiffage Métal is also active in industrial piping, covering the entire production lifecycle: from detailed design, through manufacturing, to installation and commissioning, including all safety checks. We design piping systems for a wide range of sectors, including the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy and airport industries. These handle the transport of fluids such as process fluids, steam, water, gas, compressed air, nitrogen and more. 

Our knowledge and experience help guarantee the performance of industrial installations, optimize production processes and ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.

  • Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment

    • MASE – Safety, Health and Environment Management System.
    • ISO 9001 – Quality
    • ISO 14001 – Environment
    • OHSAS 18001 – Safety

    Factory Production Control Compliance

    • EN 1090-1:2008 + A1:2011 EXC4
    • EN 1090-2:2008 + A1:2011

    Welding quality requirements 

    • EN ISO 3834-2:2006
    • Welding qualifications according to ISO 9606-1
    • QMOS (welding procedure qualification) according to ISO 15613 & ISO 15614-1
    • DMOS (welding procedure description) according to ISO 15609
    • NF EN ISO 25457 – General purpose flare system details
    • Eurocodes and National Annexes.

Our achievements

  • New or upgraded installations (maintenance)
  • Recurring on-site partnership with installations and base facilities
  • Turnkey projects: valves, equipment, piping, supports, connections, non-destructive testing, testing, painting
  • Process or utility networks
  • Biogas plants
  • Design and manufacture of flares, on-board flares and thermal oxidizers
  • Eiffage Métal | SIAAP Achères

    SIAAP Achères

  • Eiffage Métal | Mabruck Oil Operation

    Mabruck oil operation Libya

  • Eiffage Métal | TOTAL petrochemicals

    TOTAL petrochemicals

  • Eiffage Métal | Lubrizol Oudalle

    Lubrizol Oudalle

  • Eiffage Métal | International petroleum corp.

    International petroleum corp.

  • Eiffage Métal | Atlantic Construction Sites

    Atlantic Construction Sites

  • Eiffage Métal | Sogefeer SDH


  • Eiffage Métal | Ineos Feluy

    INEOS Feluy

  • Eiffage Métal | Sonatrach


  • Eiffage Métal | GRTGAZ


  • Eiffage Métal | SBS Mourenx

    SBS Mourenx

  • Eiffage Métal | Berkes Crechy

    Berkes Crechy

Our business sectors

Our expertise

    • Cost, deadline and quality management
    • Compliance with customer requirements
    • Risk analysis
    • Management and monitoring of partners and suppliers
    • Supply chain tracking and traceability
    • Perfect completion management
    • Complex design and calculations
    • Intervention and assembly methods adapted to each project
    • Modeling and 3D scanning of existing structures
    • Technical specifications
    • Diagnosis of structures and works
    • Production and processing
    • Shaping structural steel parts
    • Site supervision and coordination
    • Compliance with safety, security and environmental regulations
    • Adaptation (parts and methods) to the existing structure
    • Lifting operations
    • Assembly

Our expertise

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • maintenance

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A short-term requirement? Rent one of our mobile portable gas flare systems!

We offer you 2 mobile multigas flares for rental :

  • One 160 Nm³/h flare system transportable by crate
  • One 500 Nm³/h flare system on its trailer

Our strengths