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Heavy boilermaking

Large-scale boiler making

Our achievements

A specialist in multi-technical solutions, Eiffage Métal carries out various turnkey installations:

  • Tubular exchangers, condensers, heaters, dryers, superheaters
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tanks
  • Storage and transport packaging for nuclear fuels
  • Under slope LPG tanks
  • Heavy boilers (furnaces, steam separators, etc.)

Our business sectors

Our expertise

End-to-end management for the manufacture of your equipment

    • Cost, deadline and quality management
    • Compliance with customer requirements
    • Risk analysis
    • Management and monitoring of partners and suppliers
    • Supply chain tracking and traceability

    • 3D modeling and digital mock-ups
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Inspection and monitoring
    • Traceability of work and interventions
    • Production and processing
    • Shaping of structural steel parts
    • Component assembly and integration
    • Blank assembly
    • Service
    • Repair
    • Maintenance

Our strengths