A first in France for Eiffage Métal on the Lot viaduct in Mende

The teams of Eiffage Métal created the metal frame of the first French dual-action road bridge, in Mende in Lozère.

A first in France for Eiffage Métal on the Lot viaduct in Mende

For the first time in France, this bridge uses the technique of mixed dual action for a road construction. This technique involves connecting a lower concrete slab in the intermediate support areas to the “mixed steel-concrete” bridges, thus giving the deck greater rigidity and a caisson-like behaviour in these areas.

Used abroad, this technique had never before been used on a road bridge in France.

After 3 years of studies, manufacture, work and 8 successive launches, our teams have completed the assembly and installation of the 323 m long metal deck, which now crosses the Lot plain, an SNCF track and a municipal track.
The 15 sections of the deck and the 4 crosses, weighing a total of 1,000 t, were manufactured in our Lauterbourg plant.

This project is part of the development of the RN88 between Toulouse and Lyon via the A75. It is part of the bypass of the agglomeration of Mende called Rocade Ouest de Mende and was commissioned by DREAL Occitanie.

Appropriations : Eiffage Fabio Masotti / Cerema / DIR Méditerranée

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