Engineer, designer and builder

Design and engineering require experience, teamwork and complementary expertise and are the raw materials of our industrial successes, enabling us to control system design and complexity, break new ground, and offer competitive building techniques and construction.

Our expertise

Our specialists in design, execution studies, methods and maintenance engineering, located in France and around the world, in our design offices, our production sites and on our worksites, offer you the following:

  • Complex design and calculations: structural, mechanical, hydraulic, seismic, thermal, electrical, automation, boiler making, building envelope
  • 3D modeling and digital mock-ups (BIM)
  • Technical specifications and prototype testing: in the workshop, on site or in a certified laboratory

Plural, complementary skills

Louis-Vuitton Foundation - Design and engineering | Eiffage Métal

Our engineers’ fields of expertise are plural and complementary, and include standard engineering structures, buildings, complex structures, building envelopes and façades, moveable, hydraulic and mechanical structures, boilermaking, process, offshore works, maintenance, upgrading and piping.

They work in synergy on customized and turnkey projects, for public infrastructure, non-standard buildings, nuclear and industrial facilities.

Transmission - Design and engineering | Eiffage Métal


Besides their jobs in the company, Eiffage Métal’s engineers transfer fundamental skills to the younger generation by teaching in engineering schools and professional training structures. They also serve on committees drafting European standards and regulations, and are involved in many professional bodies.