Health and Safety

100% Safety

All our employees are trained for 100% safety

Maintaining physical and moral integrity, protecting the health of staff and third parties and guaranteeing their safety are core obligations for the Group, as an ethical requirement but also to ensure performance.

Our employees are committed to ensuring maximum safety performance levels from the design stage to project delivery on a daily basis and for all involved : our workforce, partners, local residents and users of our engineering structures.

Raising our standards. Adopting strict discipline for the respect of safety rules. Seeking to achieve the 100% Safety target by correcting all breaches, whether they cause accidents or not. Being good at safety means being good at overall performance. This is essential for company well-being.

Jean-Baptiste Leglène QSE director - Eiffage Métal France

Ironhand® : the award-winning glove

Bionic glove | Eiffage Métal

After only two years’ research and test periods in real-life work situations, Ironhand® bionic glove, developed by Eiffage with Swedish company Bioservo Technologies, is now available from Loxam. The synthetic tendons it contains facilitate the prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders.

Safety Force© : a predictive application for safety

Safety Force© was designed by our teams in-company and is a smartphone app enabling safety performance to be measured in real time on all our sites throughout the world. The app is based on the assessment of 20 fundamental safety requirements. Eiffage’s partners can take part in the assessments and access their results. Safety Force® has won a number of awards since its release in 2016.

A single ambition : 100% safety

More than just an issue, safety is a fundamental value shared by all the Group’s employees. Operational excellence is inseparable from safety performance. The development of our safety policy is based on three founding principles: high expectations, exemplary behaviour and discipline.