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Eiffage Métal is an internationally recognized player, for our undisputed ability to carry through any structural engineering project.

Design, engineering and construction : proven know-how recognized in Europe and throughout the world.

From simple bridges to the most complex viaducts, our company has the design & engineering, construction and maintenance expertise to meet our customers’ needs, while delivering the project in compliance with costs, deadlines and quality standards.

With our teams of experts, we are able to respond to all requests for steel and mixed-frame constructions on any type of engineering structure : cantilevered, incrementally launched, cable-stayed, suspension, vertical lift, modular and orthotropic deck bridges, and footbridges of all kinds.

Our showcase projects in pictures

  • Hochmosel Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Hochmosel Viaduct

    Hochmosel Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Hochmosel Viaduct

    This viaduct required 33,000 tonnes of steel. It has a steel box girder structure with an orthotropic deck and is 29 m wide and 1,700 m long, with a maximum span of 210 m. The apron rises to over 150 m above the valley, and was put into place by incremental launching, a process already tried and tested on Millau Viaduct

  • Port-sur-Saône Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Port-sur-Saône Viaduct

    Port-sur-Saône Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Port-sur-Saône Viaduct

    This 607 m long structure crosses the Saône valley up to 28 m high for its largest pile.

  • Grande Ravine Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Grande Ravine Viaduct – Reunion Island

    Grande Ravine Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Grande Ravine Viaduct – Réunion

    On the Tamarinds Road, Reunion Island, Eiffage Métal built this viaduct’s 288 m x 20 m steel deck across Grande Ravine, 170 m deep.

  • Arts et Métiers Bridge | Eiffage Métal

    Arts et Métiers Bridge - Angers

    Arts et Métiers Bridge | Eiffage Métal

    Arts et Métiers Bridge

    The bridge spans the River Maine over 136 m, and weighs 720 t. It is supported in the river by two piers built by Eiffage Génie Civil, and will enable the extension of Angers Tram Line B. The Arts et Métiers bridge was designed by architects Lavigne & Chéron.

  • Bretagne HSL | Eiffage Métal

    Bretagne - Pays de la Loire HSL

    Bretagne HSL | Eiffage Métal

    Bretagne HSL - Pays de la Loire

    Eiffage was chosen by French rail network operator RFF in 2011 to finance, design, build and maintain the Brittany - Pays de la Loire high speed line linking Le Mans and Rennes.
    All the steel engineering structures along the 182 km of layout were built by Eiffage Métal’s teams.

  • Mont Saint Michel Footbridge  | Eiffage Métal

    Mont Saint Michel Footbridge

    Mont Saint Michel Footbridge  | Eiffage Métal

    Mont Saint Michel Footbridge

    Built by ETMF and Eiffage Metal, Mont Saint Michel causeway and footbridge stretches out to its full length of 756 metres, offering the visitor a new perspective on the most popular tourist site in France.
    This "jetty" was designed as a series of pure curves for both aesthetic and technical reasons and blends naturally into the landscape.
    The bridge tops 134 steel poles drilled 35 metres deep, and is covered with precast concrete slabs and oak decking - a mixture which gives the structure it discretion and elegance.

    • Length : 756 m
    • Width : 11 to 17 m
    • Total steel framework weight : 2,000 t
    • Client : Syndicat Mixte Baie du Mont Saint-Michel
    • Architect : Dietmar Feichtinger
  • Pont Faidherbe | Eiffage Métal

    Pont Faidherbe

    Pont Faidherbe | Eiffage Métal

    Pont Faidherbe – Saint-Louis-du-Sénégal

    Faidherbe Bridge in Senegal was built in 1897 to link Saint Louis Island to the African continent, and is now UNESCO World Heritage-listed. The bridge, renovated by Eiffage Métal and Eiffage Sénégal, is 511 m long and comprises 7 steel spans, including one which swings to allow ships to pass. 

    Reinforcing the bridge's pillars and reproducing its steel framework identically were a real challenge.

  • Gustave-Flaubert Bridge | Eiffage Métal

    Gustave-Flaubert Bridge

    Gustave-Flaubert Bridge | Eiffage Métal

    Gustave-Flaubert Bridge – Rouen

    Gustave Flaubert Bridge built in consortium with Eiffage Génie Civil is the tallest moveable bridge in Europe.
    Considered as one of the symbols of the town of Rouen, this 55-m-high vertical lift bridge is remarkable for its revolutionary design, comprising two decks (17 m wide with a with a 120 m span) suspended from pylons bearing the "butterfly" lifting mechanisms (18.74 m high and weighing 450 tonnes)

    • Rouen, France
    • Total steel weight : 5,750 tonnes
    • Lifting mechanism : 450 tonnes, 18.74 m high
    • Client : Haute Normandie Regional Public Works Authority
    • Architect : Aymeric Zublena
    • Designer : Michel Virlogeux.
  • Limerick Pedestrian Footbridge | Eiffage Métal

    Limerick Pedestrian Footbridge – Ireland

    Limerick Pedestrian Footbridge | Eiffage Métal

    Limerick Pedestrian Footbridge – Irlande

    Limerick University's pedestrian footbridge is strategically important in that it links the two campus sites located on either side of the Shannon River.
    The deck is supported by two underslung catenary cables and varies in width, offering platforms to be used as resting places or spaces for public art. The five-span structure curves gently above the water on strategically-positioned piers, giving the impression of jumping from pier to pier like stepping stones in the river.  The bridge's technical expertise received the Most Beautiful Steel Construction Award in 2008.

    • Ireland
    • Length : 350 m
    • Steel weight : 603 tonnes
    • Client : Limerick University
    • Architect : Wilkinson Eyre
    • Engineering Consultants : ARUP
  • Simone-de-Beauvoir Footbridge | Eiffage Métal

    Simone-de-Beauvoir Footbridge - Paris

    Simone-de-Beauvoir Footbridge | Eiffage Métal

    Simone-de-Beauvoir Footbridge – Paris

    The footbridge combines suspension and arch bridge features in its bold, light and transparent architecture.
    Using leading-edge construction techniques, it spans the River Seine in one continuous stretch, without intermediate piers. The steel structure comprises a main footbridge with two connecting walkways.
    The main footbridge's steel structure has four closely-linked components : two arches and two catenary arches forming two girders linked to two vertical planes 5.2 m apart. Obelisk-shaped steel pillars are placed every 6 metres, linking the arches and catenary arches, stabilizing the whole structure and ensuring weather resistance. The bridge has integrated shock absorbers for pedestrian comfort.

    • Total length : 304 m
    • Width :  12 m
    • Open span (no intermediate support) : 190 m
    • Connecting walkway length : 36 m
    • Total framework weight : 1,600 tonnes
    • Architects : Dietmar Feichtinger // Agence Perrot & Roubert
    • Project management : Setec
  • Millau Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Millau Viaduct

    Millau Viaduct | Eiffage Métal

    Millau Viaduct

    Eiffage's ground-breaking financial and technical choices won us the Millau Viaduct concession in 2001, and enabled us to deliver this emblematic engineering structure in December 2004. The multi-span cable-stayed bridge was designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster and created by French engineer Michel Virlogeux.  It is 343 metres high and 2,460 metres long, comprising 7 concrete piers and a steel deck. 85,000 m3 of concrete and 36,000 tonnes of steel structure were needed to build the viaduct. It took 14 years of preparation and 3 years of construction (2001-2004) to produce the viaduct. All Eiffage's branches were involved,  as were 600 master craftsmen at the height of the project. The bridge was inaugurated on 14 December 2004 by French President Jacques Chirac. In 2006, Eiffage received the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering's Outstanding Structure Award. The IABSE praised the viaduct for being "an elegant, slender bridge ...constructed using an innovative launching procedure which advanced the state of practice in bridge construction".

  • The Docks Bridge - Le Havre | Eiffage Métal

    The Docks Bridge - Le Havre

    The Docks Bridge - Le Havre | Eiffage Métal

    The Docks Bridge - Le Havre

    The Docks Bridge (Pont des Docks) is a steel highway swing bridge 49.10 m long, 13 m high and 13.30 m wide, weighing 600 tonnes. It was built and inaugurated in 2005.

    Architects : Christophe Chéron / Thomas Lavigne / Charles Lavigne

  • Gateway to the athletes' village

    < class="name">Gateway to the athletes' village

    Within the Athletes' Village, the 140 m long and 16 m wide footbridge over L'Île-Saint-Denis calls on the Group's many skills. Under the supervision of Eiffage Génie Civil teams, the consortium chosen by the Seine-Saint-Denis departmental council is made up of Eiffage Métal for the steel structure, Eiffage Fondations for the piles, bars and injections under each of the three supports, ETMF for the sheet piling, Ævia for the prestressing, AER for operations near the worksite, and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes for the lighting. 

  • Motorway bridge over the Rhine in Leverkusen

    < class="name">Motorway bridge over the Rhine in Leverkusen

    Eiffage Métal and its subsidiaries SEH in Germany (leader) and Iemants in Belgium, in a consortium with HOCHTIEF and Max Bögl, have won the contract to build a bridge over the Rhine in Leverkusen, Germany. The future 2 x 3 lane bridge, located on the A1 freeway, will link Leverkusen to Trier. This project aims to double the capacity of the existing bridge, which has become undersized, and is part of the process of improving the quality of bridges in Germany.

    The contract, awarded by Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes (the company responsible for the German motorway network), covers the construction of a 1,068-meter-long structure consisting of a 689-meter-long cable-stayed steel section and a concrete section. The steel elements, totalling nearly 16,000 tonnes of steel, will be manufactured in the Group's European plants, including the Lauterbourg plant in Alsace, and will be delivered via the Rhine. Autobahn GmbH ©

  • Leapfrog of Bezons

    < class="name">Leapfrog of Bezons

    Commissioned by SNCF Réseau, the Bezons grade separation project is part of the extension of Eole, the Paris RER line E. It is the most emblematic structure for connecting Eole to the existing SNCF tracks. More than one kilometer long, it includes a 96 m long bowstring topped by an arch 23 m above the deck, an asphalt girder pier, a 350 m long low side girder bridge-rail, connecting structures and a 378 m long footbridge, supported by 10 metal brackets anchored by prestressing to the RAPL piles. All the parts were manufactured in our Lauterboug plant. A project in synergy with the Eiffage Génie Civil teams.

  • Soft footbridge of Choisy-le-Roi

    < class="name">Soft footbridge of Choisy-le-Roi

    Located in Choisy-le-Roi in the Val-de-Marne department, this footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists is attached to the existing Choisy bridge, crossing the Seine and the RER C tracks. The 190 m long structure, weighing 350 t, has 3 supports in the Seine and was installed by crane, with river navigation and rail traffic interrupted. The project was carried out in synergy with Eiffage Génie Civil, ETMF.

  • Lekiny bridge in New Caledonia

    < class="name">Lekiny bridge in New Caledonia

    With two piers in the sea instead of six, and dedicated routes for pedestrians and cyclists, Eiffage Métal is working with ARBE to help rebuild the Lékiny Bridge in a sustainable manner, which will provide even greater protection for an ecosystem with exceptional marine biodiversity.
    The mixed structure with double metal caissons will cross one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, the Ouvéa lagoon in New Caledonia, which was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Thank you to the Loyalty Islands Province / Gemoce for their confidence.