Anticipating and building
the future

Eiffage Métal is an internationally recognized player, for our undisputed ability to carry through any structural engineering project.

Design, engineering and construction : proven know-how recognized in Europe and throughout the world.

From simple bridges to the most complex viaducts, our company has the design & engineering, construction and maintenance expertise to meet our customers’ needs, while delivering the project in compliance with costs, deadlines and quality standards.

With our teams of experts, we are able to respond to all requests for steel and mixed-frame constructions on any type of engineering structure : cantilevered, incrementally launched, cable-stayed, suspension, vertical lift, modular and orthotropic deck bridges, and footbridges of all kinds.

  • At Eiffage Métal, we support our customers in their development, or in an emergency, with international deliveries of quick assembly bridges requiring no welding. Unibridge® is modular in length and width and comprises standard units delivered in 40-foot containers within a few weeks, for either temporary or permanent use. It meets all international standards and has already been constructed with a steel or concrete deck in over 20 countries.

  • Eiffage Métal is an essential player on hydromechanics projects. We apply our skills to building mechanized steel engineering structures in contact with water, like locks, valves, floating dock and lock gates, cofferdams, dams, moveable bridges and footbridges and roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) ramps.
    We are able to take on projects of all sizes including new turnkey project construction and renovation, maintenance and servicing work. We have been working non-stop in harbour zones and on waterways throughout France for over 60 years. Our engineers, executives and project teams have gained solid experience as major interdisciplinary project integrators and managers.

  • Eiffage Métal’s teams offer inventive solutions which comply with environmental restrictions, like steel beam bridges.
    Reconstituted welded steel beams are widely used to build steel or mixed structures. An I-shaped beam is reconstituted using sheet metal, thus adapting beam strength to structure type. This product is extensively used in the building of road, motorway and rail structures.