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Offshore wind

A long-standing leader in turnkey steel construction, Eiffage Métal is renowned for its ability to build exceptional structures.

Partnering your offshore wind projects

Eiffage Métal has over 20 years' unique experience in offshore wind power, with more than 3,000 foundations completed or under construction, and 30 electrical substations for the European market. We are also a general contractor for the construction of offshore oil and gas platforms, as well as gas transport and storage facilities.

For all our projects, we draw on the know-how and experience of our Belgian subsidiary Smulders - market leader in metal components for offshore wind turbines - and our Spanish subsidiary Eiffage Métal Iberica - one of Europe's leading manufacturers of onshore wind turbine masts.

Our industrial capacity comprises several production sites, most of which we operate ourselves, in several European countries. Thanks to this unique industrial capacity, we have an unrivalled production rate: 1 transition piece foundation per day (with associated monopile), 1 jacket foundation per week, 3 electrical substations (with associated foundation) per year. 

Land-based and floating offshore wind turbines

Eiffage Métal offers services ranging from the construction of metal components for offshore fields to turnkey contracts involving the design, manufacture and installation of complex sub-assemblies. Eiffage Métal is a leader in seabed-mounted offshore wind turbines, and is also involved in the development of floating wind turbines. This forward-looking technology offers the advantage of being able to be installed in areas far from the coast and at greater depths.

  • Onshore wind turbine masts
  • Offshore wind turbine foundations: monopile and transition piece, jacket, tripod, float
  • Turnkey offshore high-voltage substations (jacket or monopile foundations and electrical transformer platform)
  • Foundations for tidal turbines

Onshore / offshore Oil & Gas projects

Eiffage Métal has signed more than 200 EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning // Ingénierie, achats, construction, installation & mise en commission) contracts in the offshore construction sector for the oil and gas industry since 1975, including local content, as in Nigeria for the Ofon project.

Our references include jackets, living quarters, wellheads, exploration platforms or drilling and production modules, technical modules, skids, gas compression stations, LPG tanks, subsea equipment (rigid and flexible pipelines, etc.).