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Eiffage Métal wins consortium contract to restore the Colbert Bridge in Dieppe (76)

At 70 metres long and weighing 850 tonnes, this movable metal bridge is a listed historic monument. Work is due to start in early 2024 and is expected to take 18 months, including a 15-month interruption to traffic.

Eiffage Métal wins consortium contract to restore the Colbert Bridge in Dieppe (76)

The Colbert Bridge, part of Dieppe's heritage

Built in 1889, the Colbert Bridge is a veritable institution for the town of Dieppe and its residents. It is the last major swing bridge in Europe to operate in its original configuration. Situated in the port of Dieppe, it is a major axis for historic Normandy tourism and local economic activity.

Eiffage Métal's expertise in multi-trade projects, the key to the project's success

As leader of the consortium, Eiffage Métal will be overseeing the restoration of all of the bridge's structures in close collaboration with the Architecte des Bâtiments de France, namely: the steel structure, the renovation of the rotating mechanisms and the buildings and masonry in the traffic area. The challenge of this vast project is to strike a balance between restoring the architectural form of the infrastructure and preserving the historic material. 

Romain Swider, project manager at Eiffage Métal, explains: "I'm proud to have the opportunity to manage such a major restoration project, because I appreciate both the technical challenge and the architectural importance it represents. In fact, as a listed historic monument, this bridge is of real public utility to the local population."

The main stages of the project

The first stage of the project will take place at the beginning of this year, with the creation of a temporary 45-metre-long movable footbridge to improve local mobility.

The next major event will be the transfer of the bridge, in one piece, to its repair area at the rear of the port of Dieppe. This transfer will be carried out by barge in February 2024.

Restoration work will then take place over a 15-month period, simultaneously on the Colbert Bridge site (for the machinery and infrastructure) and in the repair area (for the structures).

Consortium: Eiffage Métal (leader), ETMF of Eiffage Génie Civil and Lassarat.

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