Fondation Luma : Eiffage Métal remporte le « Special Award - Manufacturing »

Out of 23 candidates, Eiffage Métal received the «Special Award - Manufacturing» awarded by the European Convention of Metal Construction for the creative use of steel in an innovative and avant-garde architecture project of Modern Art.

Fondation Luma : Eiffage Métal remporte le « Special Award - Manufacturing »

Delivered in 2021, the tower was awarded for the creativity of the unique architectural design of its stainless steel casing as well as for the high-end engineering of its manufacture. 
Eiffage Métal carried out, in group, the work of the tower of the Luma Foundation in Arles, designed by the architect Frank Gehry. This publication consists of three main sub-sets: 

a 5,000 m² metal façade supporting 11,000 stainless steel facing blocks 
fifty glass cubes (glass box) affixed in outgrowth of this facade to allow light to enter the building 
a glass rotunda 56 m in diameter and 18 m high, to create a naturally ventilated reception area.
The geometric complexity of the structure forced our design office to carry out the entire design of the structure in 3D. Indeed, only the 3D model made it possible to make the link between the 2D plans, the calculation and the production of the manufacturing plans.

A unique construction combining design and modernity at the service of Art 

Thierry Wolkiewiez, Chief Executive Officer France, is delighted with Eiffage Métal France’s participation in this signature project. I am very proud of our design offices that have managed to manage all the complexity of this construction. A cutting-edge know-how that allowed to respect the architectural concept of this foundation with unprecedented curves. This is once again a magnificent example of what can be produced by the collective intelligence that drives our company and that allows us to go beyond our limits in each project to give life to iconic “Made in France” projects.
Discover the film of the project delivered in 2021

Légende photo : À Amsterdam, Thierry Wolkiewiez et Khaled Sabbagh se sont vu remettre le « Special Award – Manufacturing » par Bernhard Hauke, directeur Promotions et Annamarie Hagoort, présidente de l'ECCS  - European Convention for Constructional Steelwork.

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